FAQ ‘s

How Can I start an E-commerce website to sell online?

As you know that you need an E-commerce website to sell online. The method is simple and all you need to do is to create an E-commerce website design, add your products’ details with prices and pictures, add information about your business and finally start selling online by adding payment gateways to receive online payments. At Websites Village, we create 100% bespoke e-commerce websites with all the necessary features.

Can I sell in any country and in any currency?

Yes, you can use a payment gateway of your e-commerce website that can accept payments in all currencies. Please speak to our expert advisors to gather complete information on how to create an e-commerce website which can accept payment in different currencies.

Can I convert my existing website into an e-commerce website?

Yes, you can convert! Using the best plug-in, we can convert your website into an e-commerce website so that you can start selling your products online as well. Our proficient e-commerce web developers can send you a free demo of your e-commerce website design after conversion.

How can I have a secure website?

Online payment fraud is a serious issue and still many people afraid to punch in a card or bank details to complete a purchase online. However, banks have introduced Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to deliver extreme security and peace of mind to buyers as all the details entered while purchasing remain in the encrypted form and these details are not even get saved anywhere. We mention this on your e-commerce website that all transactions are 100% secure so that your consumers do not shrink back when making online payments on your site.

Do you use templates for designing the website?

We create and deliver unique designs for e-commerce sites. If you already have a design in mind then we can work on your ideas and improve it further to deliver 100% unique and customised e-commerce website which will stand apart from your competitors or else we can send you a demo of your website design using our ideas and concepts appropriate to your business needs. However, if you have a confined budget and just want a website easily, we can create your website using templates as well.